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The Sellery is a suite of integrated eBay consignment tools. It has been developed alongside an actual eBay consignment business, so we know what you want in a consignment management platform. The Sellery works with the tools you already use; PayPal, eBay Selling Manager, Skype, GarageSale, etc..., so chances are that if you already use an eBay consignment management tool, TheSellery will still be of use without disturbing your normal workflow. Read on to get an idea of what The Sellery is and how it works.

Or, just activate your account with The Sellery through eBay

Invoicing & accounting

  • Get an idea of how much money you are making (or loosing!) by seeing a comparison of your eBay fees, PayPal fees, and amount kept after paying consignors and piece-workers.

  • View detailed information for each periodic sales report. Payments for your consignors and piece-workers is calculated from your commission schedules.

  • Online payment processing: Payments can be sent directly to consignors using PayPal, or link your online bank account to The Sellery and process payments to your piece workers and consingors using your bank's online bill-pay system*. Never write and mail another check again! *Currently only works with University Federal Credit Union, but expect compatibility with more banks in the near future.

Leads Management

The Sellery automatically creates a lead generation page that you can use to direct potential consignors to. This page has:

  • a form that consignors can use to get in contact with you
  • a commission calculator widget that curious leads can use to figure out how much they will get based on your commission plan
  • a list of your 15 soonest-ending auctions. eBay Stores users will receive a significant refund of final value fees for sales generated from your landing page.

When a lead fills out the consignment request form, an e-mail will be sent to the address you have registered with eBay containing the consignor's contact information, and a link you can click to automatically add the lead to your list of consignors.

If you your eBay account is linked to a Skype ID, a link to call your Skype account will be automatically placed on the lead generation page, so leads can call you directly from their computers!

To prevent spam, leads must fill out a reCAPTCHA[1], which is a CAPTCHA that also assists in the process of digitizing the text of books :)

Inventory Management

  • Track all of your shop's listings on a per-item basis.
  • At a glance, see which of your inventory items have active listings, or have generated sales, using the color-coded inventory list.
  • Inventory allows your piece-workers to note which parts of the listing they have contributed to.
  • The information about the consignors and pieceworkers specified on inventory eventually flows to the periodic sales summaries, which calculate how much is owed and to whom. This information is also used to determine who to send inventory, listing and sales notifications to.

Listings Management

Create inventory records from listings with two clicks. Consignors will receive automatic updates of their active listings. If a SKU is already specified on a listing, the listing will automatically be associated with the inventory record for the SKU in The Sellery.

Sales Management

Sales are associated with inventory using the "custom ID / SKU" tag on eBay's Selling manager records for listings and sales. When The Sellery automatically fetches your new sales, your consignors and piece-workers will be notified.

Relationship Management

Inventory, sales, listing, and payment updates are automatically mailed to your consignors and piece-workers, but you can also manually e-mail this information with just a few clicks in the relationship manager.

Payments Log

See all the payments you have sent during any period of time.

Piece workers and referral tracking

You can credit your pieceworkers a certain percentage of the sale price for each part of their contribution to the sale. Contributions currently include: taking photographs, writing the listing, packing the item, and referring consignors. This is a great way to bootstrap your consignment business while keeping the people working for you motivated.

Payments that are due to pieceworkers show up alongside payments due to your consignors, making for a streamlined payments interface.


The Sellery is not a complete eBay playform, so we have made it easy to get data out of the program for use with your other tools.

  • Inventory records can be exported (either individually, or in bulk) to GarageSale XML files to easily create fantastic looking listings with GarageSale on Mac OS X

  • vCards can be extracted from consignor profiles using embedded hCards[2] using the Operator plug-in for Firefox[3], or the Safari Microformats plugin[4].

Flexible commission options

Define multiple commission schedules and specify a default commission schedule per consignor. Commissions can be specified on a per-sale basis when desired.

How it all fits together

The Sellery works with eBay selling manager's "custom ID / SKU" tag to keep a record of which of your sales and listings are associated with your inventory. No matter how entrenched you are with your current consignment selling software system, The Sellery can be used to improve your service to your consignors and piece-workers. Any part of our system is usable independently of the rest; for example, if you just want to use The Sellery to notify your consignors of their listings but prefer not to use the inventory tools, you can.

Signing up

The Sellery authenticates directly against your eBay account, so you don't need to remember or use another hard to remember username and password. Also, The Sellery makes use of persistent cookies, so as long as you are using your personal computer, you usually won't have to log in. For security purposes, you can always log out or specify that you are on a public computer so your login session doesn't persist indefinitely.


Your account with The Sellery is credited $5 for free when you first sign up. The Sellery charges 5¢ per listing managed, and 20¢ per sale managed. When you run out of credits, just top off your account with PayPal and you won't miss a beat. The Sellery is a web-based application so you never have to pay a per-computer license fee. The best part about our pay-as-you-go model is that if you want to take a break, there's no subscription to cancel or contract to break.